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Version française   

Rudy was born in 1966 in Nantes, France. He started playing the guitar at age eight,
copying his older brother who became his first teacher. Later Rudy gained a solid schooling
with various rock groups starting with his first group, Amalgam.
From 1981 to 1988 Rudy was the soloist of Fools
(formerly Ardeur) and in these seven years,
he stood-out by performing "Eruption"
of Van Halen, holding the guitar behind
his head. This was a period of crazy
exuberance and, at this time Rudy toured all
of France gathering a solid stage experience.

After leaving Fools in 1988, Rudy recorded
a 45 rpm with a combo named Touch with which he played
during one year. Strongly influenced by Eddie Van Halen,
but eager as well, to gain a serious music knowledge,
he registered at the American School of Modern Music in Paris
where he will study for two years from 1989 to 1990. He also
plays during 1990 with the group Bloodshoot.

A longtime friend of two ex-guitarists of Squealer,
Rudy was logically called to replace them in 1991.
He took part in the composition of some
of the best titles of "This is what the World is all about",
3rd album of this french group which was
at this time one of the undisputed leaders of
the Hard Hexagonal scene. The group tours as opening
act for the famous German group UDO on many
of their engagements in France.
In 1992 Rudy meets his Manager Pierrick Morin.
And a "Première" - Rudy enters the Vitré conservatory where he teaches Hard Rock for two years....

He also decides at this time to devote himself fully to his Soloist project which he has held at heart for a very long time with the unique aim of giving
his Full time to this musical ambition. To this end he records a demo comprising four instrumental titles that show the scope of his technical capacities,
as well as his purely musical talent. Rudy however avoids falling in the trap of gratuitous virtuosity - in his words: "I prefer to work on a touch,
a vibrato, to develop a personal sound that will render my playing immediately identifiable".


Rudy surrounds himself with a group of talented musicians: Eric Bordron (Riton) then Kévin H. on bass, Jimmy Montout on drums, and Philip Prud'homme on guitar
to perform his own compositions in live and to record his first CD Passion Colors in 1993. This will be re-issued with a live bonus recorded
at the Espace in Rennes in 1994.

Strongly encouraged by his manager, Rudy takes up the challenge of 50 non-stop hours of playing the guitar in Rennes in March of 1993.

Introduced to the casting of the re-edition
of Starmania by Jannick top, reputed
bassist in the french musical background,
the young rocker of Nantes is chosen
for the role of "l´Étoile Noire".
The only French musicians in a cast of fifteen
acrobats and singers staged by Lewis Furey,
Rudy is part of the cast from 1993 to 1998
of this famous Rock-Opera written by
Michel Berger.
Rudy and all the artists are rewarded
in 1994 with a "Victoire de la Musique"
for their interpretation in Starmania.


Parallel to Starmania which tours
France and other countries, Rudy is
Demonstrator for well-known guitar brands,
Reviewer for Hard Rock Magazine from 1994
to 1995, Author of teaching-material videos
and Professor of Masterclasses.


At one of his masterclasses in
Cannes Musique Passion in 1995, he is joined
by Stuart Hamm & Jonathan Mover, the Rhythmic
section of Joe Satriani to perform their respective
compositions. Rudy is composer as well,
for an edition of a acoustic compilation of
Guitare Attitudes in 1996.
In 1996, Rudy goes back to composition
and records a 2nd CD Arabesque with
a French rhythmic section: Jannick Top
and Franck Ridacker, in part of the compositions
(and as invited guest the well known harmonicist
Christophe Dupeu) and the American musicians
Stuart Hamm & Johathan Mover for the other part.
(Video of recording).

This CD comes out in 1997 and Rudy
takes advantage of his touring with Starmania
to promote Arabesque in the FNAC music stores.

In 1999, Rudy is at a cross-road in his career: Starmania is over
so he veers naturally to the acoustic world with the same passion,
the same energy for the electric while keeping his "Rocker"
approach. He forms a new group with Laurent Vernier on guitar,
Laurent Villechange on bass and, successively, Farid Chanhih,
Manu and Tino Garnier on drums to perform
his own compositions.

As continuation from 1999 to 2008 he performs with many formations and accompanies numerous artists namely:


- Setting up of the group IF in 1999 with his friend Raphaël Bernard (musician of Touch) to play acoustic covers.
- Accompanying the singer Chel in 2000.
- Accompanying and recording CD with the artist Marc.o in 2001.
- Meeting with the singer Dominique Bellini in 2002, recovery of Starmania "Les Etoiles noires", accompaniment on his compositions and
recording the CD "Humains" in 2004.
- Accompanying Ricardo in his children's show "Ricardo et les Zikos" since 2002 and recording his CD.
- Integration in Shooter in 2002, coverband of hard electric music with a opening act of Status Quo at Troc' in Nantes.
- Accompanying the artist Grigri Blue on his compositions from 2002 to 2008 and participation in two of his CD "Ligérie" in 2002 and
"Loup pour l'autre" in 2005. Rudy will star alongside Grigri Blue at "Festival des RDV de l'Erdre" in 2004.
- Integration in 2007 in the music group Bad Boy Boggie founded by Lorenzo Hellairzed to perform covers of ACDC.

In 2006 Rudy starts recording his 3rd CD on which he has been working
since 1999. Esperanza is the culmination of a project that uses his long experience
on electric guitar and his newer foray in acoustic sonorities.

This "multi-sonority" CD stems from multiple horizons, since the guitar parts
of Rudy are recorded in France, the drums of Jonathan Mover in New York,
the bass of Tom Kennedy in St Louis in the USA and Laurent Lécuyer
supervises the arrangements and recordings of the classical instruments
from Caracas in Venezuela. Finally, the mix is realized in 2008 with a preparation
at the Skyline Studio in New York City and a final mix in France at the
Enter Arpège studio under the direction of Jeff Moreau. Esperanza will be
launched in 2011 at the end of Rudy´s engagement with Cirque du Soleil.
End of 2008 Rudy is contacted by Cirque du Soleil´s Quidam production
which for 12 years has been touring the world with a stunning success.
(Interview La Boite Noire)
Chosen to be part of this amazing troupe he starts with the European
Arena tour of the United Kingdom and Ireland, continues with the Big Top
tour of Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Peru and Colombia which ends
in Canada at the beginning of 2011.
It is the chosen time for Rudy to return to France
to promote his latest CD Esperanza.


Thank you very much to Roland Richard for the translation.